Simon Publications

Simon Publications is a dynamic and versatile company established in 2016 by Sue and Greg Simon. The mission is to support businesses implemented or derived by Greg and Sue Simon, the sole proprietors. We are a new company, but we have a lot to offer.

We are proud to offer a vast range of services through the publication of our fiction and non-fiction works. Our literary offerings include historical fiction and non-fiction works. Our non-fiction work includes THE ONE ROOM SCHOOL, a devotional guide to the book of Luke from the HOLY BIBLE by Sue Simon.

Our historical fiction includes the works soon to finish by Greg Simon. This, “Der Flechtemann Chronicles,” begins with the first book of the series soon to be released, YAKOV’S RUN.

We aim to educate youth and young adults about the untold challenges in history that are not taught in secondary schools.

At Simon Publications, we also have a wine cellar on the property named White Lake Cellars, Colville, WA, that offers a variety of vinting of good specialty wines.

We invite you to explore our offerings and discover the many ways that Simon Publications can enhance your life. Whether you are looking for an engaging historical fiction book or a delicious glass of wine, we have you covered.

White Lake Cellars in Colville, WA, is our home. Visit us when you can. Have a good glass of vinted wine with us and some friendly sharing of ideas and thoughts.