Yakov’s Run - Learning Life’s Toughest Lessons through Struggle

A story about valuable life lessons about perseverance, determination, and the true meaning of success.

G. L. ‘Greg’ Simon – Sharing A Journey of Resilience and Triumph

G. L. Simon, debut novelist and master storyteller. With YAKOV’S RUN, he presents an inspiring tale of resilience, hope, and triumph in the face of the toughest odds. Did you ever think your ancestors, or the people of our past, may have had some of the same fears facing them we may have today? Greg’s passion for writing is evident in his work; his goal is to lift readers’ spirits and leave them feeling good.


Grab Your Copy Of G. L. Simon’s Amazing Book, YAKOV’S RUN, Today. Volume One
of the “Der Flechtemann Chronicles.”

Life Lessons

Life lessons shape us and mold us into the person we are meant to become.

Power and Control

Power and control can give clarity to your vision and purpose in life. Stories built on the histories of our past can lead to an understanding of the issues at hand.

Change Is Constant

Embrace change because growth is impossible without it.

Beyond Control

Let go of the need to control everything. Reflect on the histories of humankind and issues from our past which seem to repeat themselves. Some things in life are meant to be a surprise; they are lessons to be learned from the ancients.

About The Book​

A Heart-Pumping Tale of Triumph Against Unimaginable Odds​

YAKOV’S RUN is a must-read for anyone looking to live a fulfilling life. This book delves into the importance of accepting change as the only constant in life and how allowing fear to take hold can make life unbearable. It is the story of how circumstances often take our lives in unsuspecting directions and the perseverance to hold close to our personal values. With engaging storytelling and practical advice through fiction and the veil of history, this book will allow you to break free from stagnant understandings of your immediate past and dream about what might have come from the lessons learned by distant ancestors. Do not let fear hold you back; get your copy today!


Interest in the eons of the social life of humankind and knowing technologies change and knowledge grows faster with each generation, it would seem we may implode someday for want of something to design or think about. However, the generational interest of social and physical survival. That being said, it is my contention that a person today, 500 years ago, or 50,000 years ago are all driven by the same concerns: food, shelter, safety and social connectivity.

My stories focus on those facets of life. THE FLETCHER’S GAMBIT, the second book in the Der Flechtemann Chronicle, Michael Simon continues his search for family ties in the folio of pages he and James, his German counterpart, have discovered in a niche of an old cloister room. The transcription from Latin and some cryptic code lead the two to find further understanding of the times and emotions surrounding the plight of the common person in 14th century Germany. The Holy Roman Empire addressed as such by the nobility of the time, placed extreme pressure on the peasantry of the time.

The Mixing of Genealogy and Fiction: A Study of Power and Control

July 7, 2021
G. L. Simon writes a thought-provoking exploration of the human experience. Using biographical genealogy and fiction, Simon delves into the complexities of power and control in the lives of ordinary people who were a part of any family’s past. What is in a name? He argues that often, people do not realize how much of their lives are beyond their control and how this lack of understanding can lead to feelings of helplessness. Stories of the human condition are stories from every era of history, real or fictional.

A must-read for anyone interested in knowing the dynamics of power and control from a commoner’s view , this book will leave you questioning your assumptions and beliefs.

G. L. Simon

A novelist with a passion for writing and storytelling.

Author of the brilliant, empowering, & highly engaging book YAKOV’S RUN .

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